About Gin Exchange

Gin Exchange enables subscribing members to access classified ads, directories of qualified vendors and manufacturers, cotton-related associations, other gins (& their owners and managers), and other industry experts, all through the Gin Exchange website. Accessing all services and content is as easy as logging on through a web browser, "anytime, anywhere."

Vision for the Cotton Ginning Industry to Connect & Share Information

The original vision for Gin Exchange began with Mr. Gene Blakley, who has life-long and successful management experience in the cotton ginning industry. After hearing of the concept, the Martin-Vader Company instantly shared his enthusiasm, and envisioned an even broader website which could serve cotton gins throughout the country. Gin Exchange was born as a service of MVC, helmed by a core development team with an exceptionally keen blend of complimenting skills and experience. (Read more about MVC.)

The Martin-Vader Company brings its broad management experience and sterling reputation for creative innovation and service. Mr. Blakley brings decades of knowledge and expertise about cotton ginning, and the partnership has proven to be exceptionally productive. From gins repurposing equipment to searching for personnel to the latest industry updates, Gin Exchange has been designed to be a catalyst... for communication, for information and asset sharing.

Full Spectrum of Services & Growing

Gin Exchange provides ways for gins to;

  • Advertise equipment they wish to sell or exchange;
  • Post bulletins about equipment they need and are seeking;
  • Consult forums for advice from colleagues in the industry;
  • Connect with reputable suppliers;
  • And stay abreast of general trends, cottons news, and other pertinent information.

Read more about membership benefits.

Future Innovations & New Resources

As cotton gin technology advances, and new strategies and approaches emerge, Gin Exchange will strive to keep exacting pace with these exciting new developments. Likewise, there will be shifts in agriculture, regulatory impacts and the affects of a constantly evolving global economy. Gin Exchange will seek to be a resource for proactive dialogue within the industry about all of these important topics.

As we continue to develop Gin Exchange, we always invites the input of our members, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve, to innovate, and serve our subscribers so that they receive maximum value.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments or suggestions.

Our Memberships

Gin Exchange is a proud member of these and other industry-related organizations:

National Cotton Ginners' Association

Texas Cotton Ginners Association

National Cotton Council of America

National Cotton Ginners' Association Texas Cotton Ginners' Association National Cotton Council of America