Blog Authoring General Rules & Guidelines

Writing A Great Blog

Authoring a blog can be a great way to share expertise and knowledge with site members, who are your colleagues working in or for the cotton ginning industry. A blog entry doesn't have to be a huge essay or even an Earth-shaking topic. It just needs to be something that other readers will find interesting, helpful and productive.

Choosing a good topic is the starting point, and of course, there are practically limitless possibilities. Topics can range from product reviews, equipment operation, professional management advice, marketing a gin to growers, or training employees, and untold other possiblities.

If the subject you're writing about is something you know very well, or have experienced first hand (like attending a trade show, operating a certain line of equipment and so on), all the better. But if it isn't, allow yourself time to conduct some research so that you have all the information you'll need when you compose your text (facts, figures, name, dates, and so on).

Try to title the blog entry in an eye-catching way that really captures your topic. For the body of your blog, the usual "good writing tips" apply, including reading back through to edit your copy, make adjustments, check for spelling mistakes, and so on before posting.

Tip: Consider composing your text in your favorite word processor (e.g., Word, WordPerfect, or even a utility like WordPad). That way, you can compose your text at leisure, edit as much as you'd like, then simply copy and paste the text into the blog entry here on Gin Exchange.

Please note that after you submit your blog, it will be briefly reviewed before being published, so it may not appear immediately after you post it.


Member blogs are provided by Gin Exchange as only a means to help foster information sharing. Blogs are moderated and will be reviewed prior to publishing, but in no way is any published content necessarily endorsed or otherwise promoted in any way by Gin Exchange, The Martin-Vader Company, or any of our employees or affiliates. The information and views expressed are entirely those of the authoring members. There are also no guarantees that any information, advice, directions or instructions contributed by members via blogs are accurate, complete, or unbiased, and any information utilized in any manner is at the member's own risk.

General Rules & Guidelines

Members are responsible for the content they write in blogs, with a general expectation that all blogs will remain relevant to the cotton and cotton ginning industries. Further, blogs should be a platform for productive transmission of information of benefit to our membership at large. Site blogs are not the appropriate arena for topics other than cotton and cotton ginning, and are not appropriate as the personal platform for the expression of a member's personal or privately held views about other subjects.

Expectations for all members authoring a blog include but are not limited to:

  • Any technical information included is accurate to the best knowledge of the contributing member;
  • Language is always professional and respectful;
  • Blogs are not authored solely for the purposes of direct and commercial promotion of a particular gin enterprise, a particular line of equipment, or other company's produce or service. Equipment or service reviews are entirely appropriate, even if written by the associated vendor or manufacturer (in which case they should be as objective as possible), but blogs written in advertisement form will be rejected for publishing.
  • Blogs are not defamatory (e.g., damaging to the reputation) or demeaning of a person, company or other entity;
  • They are not used as a vehicle to express threats, harassment, verbal or other abuse, or invasion, whether directed at a person, a particular gin, organization, et cetera;
  • They should not contain content or expressions which are sexist, racist, profane, blasphemous, or otherwise discriminatory towards any particular group and/or offensive;
  • They should not promote violence or advocate, condone or assist any unlawful act;
  • They should never contain language or topics that are sexual, obscene or lewd;
  • They do not express either promotion or defamation of any religion.

Any blog found not to meet these standards, or which, in the judgement of The Martin-Vader Company, is otherwise not acceptable, may be rejected for publishing, returned to the author for editing, or deleted altogether.

Member Agreement / More Information

Authoring a blog signifies that you will respect and abide by these rules and guidelines. You also agree to the site usage terms as contained in our Site Terms of Use page.