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Using the site forums can be a great way to obtain advice, gain knowledge and have a productive dialogue with colleagues working in or for the cotton gin industry. As such, the forums are provided by Gin Exchange as only a means for that information exchange. Information posted by members in the forums is not typically moderated, nor is any such content approved by or otherwise endorsed in any way by Gin Exchange, The Martin-Vader Company, or any of our employees or affiliates. The information posted and any views expressed are entirely those of the contributing members.

General Rules & Guidelines

Members are responsible for the content they post in the forums, with a general expectation that all posts will remain relevant to the discussion, and relevant to the cotton ginning industry. There are no guarantees that any information, advice, directions or instructions contributed by members are accurate, complete, or unbiased, and any information utilized in any manner is at the member's own risk.

Expectations for all members contributing or posting information in our forums include but are not limited to:

  • Information is accurate to the best knowledge of the contributing member;
  • Postings concern the topic being discussed;
  • Language is always professional and respectful;
  • Postings are never defamatory (e.g., damaging to the reputation) or demeaning of a person, company or other entity;
  • Postings are not threatening, harassing, abusive, or invasive, whether directed at a person, a particular gin, organization, et cetera;
  • Postings are not sexist, racist, profane, blasphemous, or otherwise discriminatory towards any particular group and/or offensive;
  • Postings do not promote violence or advocate, condone or assist any unlawful act;
  • Postings are not sexual, obscene or lewd;
  • Postings do not promote or defame any religion;

Any post found not to meet these standards, or which, in the judgement of The Martin-Vader Company, is otherwise not acceptable, may be deleted.

Member Agreement / More Information

Contributing to the forums signifies that you will respect and abide by these rules and guidelines. You also agree to the site usage terms as contained in our Site Terms of Use page.

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