How To Use The Forums


  • Be sure to review the Forum General Rules & Guidelines for important information.
  • Always try to discuss one topic per forum so that the discussion "stays on target" (starting new discussions is easy—see below).

Forum Topics

1. Click on "Go To Forums" under Forums in the top main menu of the site.

2. The main Forums page will appear.

3. Note that our forums are placed in major subject categories like "Equipment Repair," "Gin Operations" and others. In each major subject category, there are individual forums listed.

4. Click on an individual forum.

5. A list of posts or topics in that forum will appear. Simply click on a topic to read the thread or to make a reply.

6. To create a new topic, simply click on the "New Topic" button. You can then enter a subject for the topic... try to be concise and as on-target as you can so others can easily follow the topic and understand what it is about.

7. Type your question or issue in the "Body" section.

8. Click "Save"—that's it!

To Edit Or Delete A Forum Post

1. Navigate to the forum topic in which your post appears, and locate your post.

2. Click on either the "Edit" or "Delete" button at the bottom of your post.

3. If editing a post or reply, make your changes then be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Also see our Forums General Rules & Guidelines.